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Jamie Edwards, the Founder of TenderWrite is the key player in our success, helping businesses win over £80M of contracts in the public, private and third sectors.

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We Can Work Remotely

Over 95% of our training and bid writing work from our tender writing consultancy, is carried out remotely, no matter where your company is based – we can work with you! Location isn’t important to us, but we are always happy to visit your offices and get to know the business and the team in the conventional (put the kettle on) kind of way!

The TenderWrite Process

Our honest, simple, matter-of-fact approach has helped us win contracts big and small achieving success using our specific process for the majority of our projects. Our tender writing consultants research, identify and implement win strategies to maximise your chances of success with each bid submitted.

  • A clear Bid/No Bid process:
    Before deciding to bid or not to bid, there is a great deal of time and effort needed to analyse the pros, cons, and risks to ensure that your company’s objectives are in alignment with your overall strategy. 
  • Getting the Research right:
  • Keep all your research, data, and stats handy so you don’t lose your focus as you write. Analyse the questions and proof read your answers  – again and again.
  • Getting the Strategy right:
  • Assess whether the business that you are trying to win – meets your business strategy. Don’t take on a project that will slow down your business growth!
  • Creating Clear Content:
  • Make your answers concise and honest and back it up with examples where possible, straight forward talking is usually the best way forward.
  • Critically Reviewing the work:
  • Tendering for contracts is time consuming and involves planning, organisation, co-ordinating, great writing skills and attention to detail, our Tender Health Check Review service can help you with this.
  • Sign off for submission:
  • Proof-read, read outloud and ditch the jargon, we can help you create your business’s own unique tender checklist.

Who We Work With

With a wealth of experience of winning contracts through competitive tendering, TenderWrite works across a wide and diverse range of industry sectors that regularly tender projects out including:

  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Forestry Operations
  • Compliance and Service Industries (Fire, Security, Asbestos etc)
  • Advertising and Creative/Digital Industries
  • Recruitment and Talent Sourcing
  • Legal Services
  • Food Industry
  • Medical and Pharmacies
  • Telematics
  • Automotive Services including Vehicle Body Shop Repairs
  • Healthcare and Social Care
  • Local and Regional Government supply contracts
  • Transport

We’re always interested in new challenges!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work anywhere in the UK, Ireland and EU. Ideally we like to spend some time within your business premises to understand how you work and how we can best work with you. Our Tender Writing Consultancy can provide the majority of services remotely from our head office in North Wales. We make use of phone, e-mail, SharePoint and video conferencing in order to progress distant projects.

Not really! Out tender writing consultancy has a diverse range of experiences, so our advice to you is to contact us ASAP and ask the question!

We’re always happy to discuss our pricing models with prospective clients as we appreciate that our customers come to us with a range of needs. Please contact us for more details and a tailor made quotation, bespoke to your business or project.

There are so many variables involved in bids, tenders, proposals or funding applications. It’s impossible for us to guarantee that the tender process will be successful every time. Our tender writing consultancy will ensure that we present and sign off the very best tender we can with all the tools at our disposal in partnership with you. Our history of success however is not something to be overlooked – we know how to write winning bids and we can prove that.

Yes we can! We’re more than happy to provide a quote to help you present professionally if you are called to interview during a tender process. We’re very confident and comfortable in these situations and we’ll be happy to help you present yourselves in the right manner each time.

Pricing is always a difficult area to get right – but we’re always happy to have an input into this side of the bid. Our recommendation will always be that you have to submit a price that you would be happy to do the work for. We never recommend to customers that they deliberately price lower than they think the job is worth. Ultimately, it is your business and your call.

Yes you can – and we’d be happy to do that for you. This is a cost efficient way of utilising our experience. We charge by the hour for our review service – and we’ll provide suggestions to you on how we think you can improve your submission. Note: please do not leave it till a few hours before it is due in to do this! The more time you give us to help – the better for all of us!

We’ll insist that an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) is signed and in place prior to any works being completed. We pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy and we want our customers to feel comfortable with us becoming an integral part of their business. We don’t disclose details of tenders to other companies at any time as all work done is commercially sensitive.

We take IT security very seriously and our files and documents are securely stored in the Cloud through SharePoint. In addition, we are also registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a handler of private data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 as you would expect.

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Andrew Watson

Bid Training and Consultancy Manager at Proactis


Jamie has worked with Proactis (formerly Millstream) and their ‘Tenders Direct’ brand since 2014. In that time, Jamie has delivered bespoke internal training workshops, external workshops and provided bid writing support and consultancy for a range of businesses. Jamie has travelled the length and breadth of UK supporting Proactis as a consultant on bid writing.  Jamie presents the popular ‘Tenders Direct’ training courses on bid writing in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

“Jamie has provided training and bid writing consulting to a variety of Proactis clients and adopts a flexible approach to ensure the clients are optimally supported. This flexibility makes him especially suitable for working across a wide range of consulting projects and in varying contexts. The feedback he has received has been universally positive and clients consistently comment on his professionalism and how quickly he makes a positive impact to their organisation.”